Managing an AI Program

Beef Breeding Services can assist with the application of good management techniques to your herd.  Artificial Insemination (AI) program results are optimised by managing:
  • Cow/Heifer selection and management
  • Heat detection
  • Synchronisation of oestrus
  • Semen handling and insemination technique

 AB Program

Selection of Cow/Heifer

Any female used in an AI program must be on a rising plane of nutrition.  Many AI programs are run with maiden heifers, as they are under much less stress than lactating cows and provide better submission rates.  Mature cows are better to use than first calvers that are always the hardest to get back in calf.

Heat Detection

The accurate detection of standing heat and the resulting timing of insemination are critical to an AI program’s success.  Clear identification of individual animals, record-keeping, visual observation for signs of heat and, where necessary, the use of heat detection aids are all critical factors in an AI program.

Synchronisation of Oestrus

Synchronisation of oestrus saves time and labour.  It will work only on cattle that are already actively cycling.  There are two basic types of synchronisation:
  • Prostaglandins – a hormone administered as an injection that shortens the reproductive cycle
  • Progesterone implants – a removable implant placed inside the vagina or under the skin behind the ear, which postpones the onset of oestrus until two days after removal.  The implants are usually left in for 8-11 days.

Semen Handling and Insemination Technique

Semen is a live biological product and must be handled correctly.  It is susceptible to temperature shock, exposure to sunlight, water, blood and poor hygiene.  The recto/vaginal insemination technique gives the best results.  You should attend an AI training course conducted by Beef Breeding Services to ensure that you use the correct insemination technique. For more information on managing AI programs and applying them to your herd, contact Beef Breeding Services on (07) 4936 4110 or email

Customise an Artificial Insemination (AI) Plan

We can assist you in the preparation and installation of a customised plan for your own AI program.  For information and assistance, contact Greg Fawcett at BBS on (07) 4936 4110 or email  Costs are determined by assistance provided.