Semen Collection & Processing

The structure of fees and charges for collection and processing services is based on the intended use and ultimately, classification of semen.

Three Semen Classifications

  1. Property collections (unlicensed)
  2. Collection at centre for domestic use (certified)
  3. Export (licensed)
On Farm Collections (Unlicensed)

On Farm Collections (Unlicensed)

Unlicensed semen is intended for domestic use only.  It provides an excellent form of insurance for valuable bulls and enables the breeder to maximise the use of a genetically superior bull within a herd. Semen can be collected on farm and transported to our laboratory for processing.

Semen Collection for Domestic Use (Certified)

BBS offers a certification for semen collected at our BBS centre.  Semen is collected and processed according to OIE (International) Standards.

Export Semen Collection (Licensed)

Export Semen Collection (Licensed)

For Semen to be eligible for Export, bulls need to undergo disease testing protocols and a quarantine period. This export semen is required to be stored separately in Licensed Canisters.

Please contact us for more information regarding the collection of semen for Export

Export Semen Collection (Licensed)

Unrestricted Use

Semen is collected and processed to licensed national and international quality and health standards at the Rockhampton production centre.  This semen is eligible for sale throughout Australia and, depending on their sire’s health status, to a range of overseas countries.  Animals submitted for licensed collection must undergo a seven-week quarantine period and are subjected to a rigorous range of health tests before being accepted for collection.  The semen is also stored under quarantined conditions.

Purpose:  For sale throughout Australia and export (licensed).

For more information, contact Graham Stabler on

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