Equine Reproduction Services

Beef Breeding are excited to announce we will be offering Equine Reproduction Services to Rockhampton horse breeders:

  • Mare artificial insemination using fresh, chilled and frozen semen
  • Stallion semen collection
  • Stallion collection training using a phantom
  • Semen analysis, processing, shipping & freezing

Mare Artificial Insemination using fresh, chilled and frozen semen

Artificial Insemination (A.I.) is the placement of semen into the uterus of a mare at the time of ovulation. A.I. is used in horses for a number of reasons including the availability of the stallion, as an aid in managing mares with reproductive difficulties and to prevent injury to the mare or stallion.

By regularly scanning mares we can monitor their cycles and use ovulation inducing agents to ensure your chosen semen, either fresh or frozen, is inseminated at the most optimum time for conception. On day 14 post insemination a pregnancy test scan is completed to confirm pregnancy.

We charge a per cycle fee which includes all ultrasound scans, ovulation drugs, a post breed check for ovulation and the 14 day pregnancy test, or the first negative test if the mare is not pregnant on the first cycle. Please note this fee does not include agistment, other drugs required or any veterinary treatments that may be required.

Stallion Semen Collection

At BBS we collect stallion semen for semen evaluation, fresh semen artificial insemination, chilled semen shipping and semen freezing using a Phantom Dummy.

We collect semen using an artificial vagina (AV) that is filled with warm water. The stallion will then mount a Phantom dummy. We like the phantom as the stallion cannot get hurt as with using a mare it is possible for the mare and/or stallion to be hurt. The semen we collect is collected for semen evaluation, fresh semen artificial insemination, chilled semen shipping and semen freezing.

Stallion collection training using a phantom

At BBS our expert staff can train your colt or stallion to collect using a Phantom Dummy safely and with care.

For fresh A.I. or chilled semen shipping, collection must take place when the mare is ready for breeding. Therefore it is important that a stallion can safely and reliably collect a good quality sample within a specific timeframe.  With BBS training your stallion we can provide you with certainty that your stallion will collect successfully on a dummy after training with us.

Semen analysis, processing, shipping and freezing

We analyse every semen sample we collect prior freezing. This process involves first taking a sample of the semen ejaculate and assessing what percentage of the sample is motile and how many million per ml cells there are, we can then determine whether the ejaculate will withstand the stresses of freezing. After the sample is frozen we then complete a post thaw motility assessment to determine how motile the semen is after thawing as each stallion is an individual with respect to their preference of how their semen is frozen. Due to this we have developed a number of semen freezing protocols to ensure the right protocol is used for each stallion to maximize pregnancy rates. The difference between each protocol is either the extender formulation that we use or the rate of freezing.

We recommend that every stallion’s semen we collect for freezing is test frozen using each of our protocols to ensure that the correct one is used for the final and ongoing freezes to ensure the highest post thaw motility is achieved.

In addition to shipping your stallions frozen semen we also ship chilled semen Australia wide. We routinely collect semen in the afternoon and ship it overnight so that it arrives the next morning at its destination We can also fly the semen via Qantas Freight for same day delivery if requested.

Please contact Les Kingston on etnamanager@beefbreeding.com.au or 0467 932 509 for any further information on our equine reproduction services and prices.

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