Semen collection and processing

The structure of fees and charges for collection and processing services is based on the intended use and, ultimately, classification of semen. The three different classifications are on property collections (unlicensed), collect on centre for domestic use (certified) and export (licensed).

For a list of semen collection and processing fees, please see products or services.

Use within the herd (unlicensed)

Unlicensed semen is intended for Domestic use only. It is an excellent form of insurance for valuable bulls. Generally, bulls collected for unlicensed semen production have undergone only minimal health testing. The semen is also often processed in non-licensed premises and may not meet the quality control standards expected by semen purchasers. Unlicensed semen is generally processed into wine red straws, which should be identified by the letters.

Other information, usually in code, includes:
– owner’s name
– collector/processor/AB centre
– bull’s name
– breed
– date of collection
Purpose: To maximise the use of a bull within a herd or as a type of insurance policy

Example: If you purchase an expensive bull, the collection of semen will provide an insurance policy while giving you the flexibility to implement an artifical insemination (AI) program to increase calving rates.

Contact your local veterinarian for on-farm collection. The veterinarian forwards the semen, which is then processed at the production centre in Rockhampton.

Use within Queensland (certified)

Beef Breeding Services (BBS) offers a certification for semen collected at the BBS centre. This certification ensures that the semen meets quality standards for the purpose of sale within the deregulated Queensland maket. BBS certifies that the bull has been correctly identified and that its semen meets specific quality standards.

Purpose: for domestic use
Example: This is a perfect option for owners who wish to sell seed stock domestically. Stud breeders utilise this service and value-add to the price of their bulls for sale. By offering a semen package, prospective stud bull buyers receive an added bonus – a confirmation of the bull’s fertility and, in essence, an insurance policy.

Semen is collected and processed to minimum quality standards at the Rockhampton production centre.

Unrestricted use (licensed)

Semen is collected and processed to licensed national and international quality and health standards at the Rockhampton production centre. This semen is eligible for sale throughout Australia and, depending on their sire’s health status, to a range of overseas countries. Animals submitted for licensed collection must undergo a seven-week quarantine period and are subjected to a rigorous range of health tests before being accepted for collection.

Purpose: For sale throughout Australia and export (licensed)

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